6 Pro Tips To Help Secure Your Computers From Cyber Attacks

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Unsuspecting employees fall for cyber scams every day and continue to be the number one access point for cyber attacks. Are you doing all you can to prevent cyber attacks?

Hackers will try every deceptive tactic possible to gain access to your systems to retrieve sensitive information or install malicious ransomware to hold your data hostage.

If you have downloaded and read our previous resource guide on the Top 10 Email Phishing Scams To Avoid, then you might be aware of the types of scams.

But let’s ask ourselves – are we prepared to help prevent them?

Below are our top 8 pro tips to help secure your computers from cyber attacks.

  1. Acknowledge That You’re A Target
    At some point, we’ve all thought “it won’t happen to me”.  Realize that you’re an attractive target to hackers and don’t ever think that you’re safe from cyber crime.
  2. Practice Good Password Management
    We all know that person who’s password is password 1234. Don’t be that person. Use a strong mix of characters, never use the same password on multiple sites, and NEVER EVER write your password down on a post-it note for all to see.
  3. Don’t Leave Devices Unattended – EVER!
    If you need to leave your computer, phone, or table for any period of time – no matter how short – lock it up so no one can access it while you’re gone. That means logging out of your computer before going on a break.
  4. What’s That You’re Clicking On?!
    Always be careful when clicking on attachments or links in emails. If you’re suspicious – DON’T CLICK ON IT. Double check that URL in the email to make sure it’s not a phishing scam.
  5. Don’t Browse In Public Places
    Doing some shopping or checking your bank account on a work device? Sensitive browsing such as these should only be done on a device that belongs to you. Data can easily be accessed, copied, or stolen through shared WIFI.
  6. Back Up Your Data
    We all get in the habit of relying on IT to make sure our computers are updated. Take a proactive appoach and make sure that you also set your computer up for daily data backups.

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