Save time by opting in to have your printer & copier managed remotely

Keep $$$ in your business account by adopting this free upgrade to your account. You’ll sit back while we ensure that your copiers & printers stay stocked.

To accommodate more business needs and offset challenges brought on by the pandemic, our clients (YOU) are getting a one-time, comprehensive offer: Free meter reads & toner supply management, done remotely.

This upgrade has been automatically added to your account, you only need to opt-in to get the benefits of this free service.

Give yourself more time to focus on the important things, like your business’ growth, while we handle the mundane, technical processes.

This service will elevate your business


Never leave your office chair

we monitor your toner remotely

Automatic ordering in a timely manner

means your toner will never go below its threshold

No need to make more calls than you already do

your meter readings are measured for you

Your competition will be fretting over their billing

while your accuracy remains at 100% without a glitch

Ethos Smart Management is the new and improved way to manage your printer and copier needs in-office, with an out-of-office manager. Let our skilled installation agent update your account – it only takes 5 minutes – and enjoy the simplest copying & printing of your career.

Prefer to keep things “in-house”?

Your IT team can contact our support staff to get your installation package. Contact us to organize a personalized set up of your new printing & copying services, according to your needs.

Want to “opt-out”?

Well… if you say so! Just contact us to let us know that you don’t want your free account upgrade. Future manual meter readings may be chargeable, take advantage of this free upgrade today.


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