IT Services, Consulting & Solutions Roanoke

Ethos Technologies provide robust and reliable IT solutions that will keep your business functioning efficiently and effectively. Learn more here!

IT Services, Solutions & Support for Roanoke

Ethos Technologies is proud to offer our IT services to business and organizations of all sizes across the city of Roanoke and the state of Virginia.

As an experienced IT solutions provider, we are here to support your everyday business activities by taking care of your IT infrastructure. Skilled in everything from troubleshooting to maintenance, we don’t wait for your systems to crash. We work consistently to ensure you don’t lose productivity from issues such as downtime, cyberattacks, or data loss.

Many businesses and organizations choose us as their preferred provider of managed IT solutions in Roanoke.


We Help Roanoke Succeed with Information Technology

Based in Roanoke Valley, it is like a second home for the team at Ethos Technologies. From the iconic Mill Mountain Star and its stunning park to its many cultural attractions such as the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Center in the Square and the Taubman Museum of Art, Ethos understands just how special the city truly is. We also understand the needs of local businesses operating in the city, and our IT solutions are uniquely made for their business needs, whether local or nationwide.

EthosSecure Story

Plato said “Necessity is the mother of invention.”, and when our business insurance company came to us and told us that we needed to implement several cybersecurity practices and procedures in order to secure underwriting, EthosSecure was born. Once we secured ourselves, we sat back and thought, “Wow, if we needed this to protect our business? Every business needs this, and we need to get it to them!”

Our Owner/CEO, Paul Story, Jr is a self-described tech nerd, who was coding at the age of 10 and is absolutely driven by his passion for cybersecurity. Together, with our major security partners, and in-house controller and network engineer, he developed what we call our “tech stack”. It is a top-to-bottom whole cybersecurity solution that can be scaled to fit any business in any market. EthosSecure is a fully managed solution from desktop management all the way to a SOC that will report irregular user and endpoint behaviors such as sign-on anomalies (your account signs on in Roanoke VA and 15 minutes later, it signs on in NYC).

We provide IT services and IT solutions for many Roanoke organizations, such as:

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Routine Network Maintenance
  • Automatic Backups
  • Spam Control
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Monthly IT Reporting
  • Staff Cybersecurity Training
  • Data Security

IT Consulting for Your Roanoke Business

While IT infrastructure may be a mystery to some businesses, we know many already have existing systems in place that need additional support. With the help of our IT consultants, we can help diagnose crucial or potential technology issues that could be causing problems such as unwanted downtime, data breaches, and more.

Our professional team of consultants are highly proficient in IT systems and can help design, analyze and implement IT solutions to minimize disruption and help your business get back to doing
what it does best.

Cybersecurity & Defense Solutions

Once an issue only encountered by large businesses, criminal activity through cyberattacks are now widespread and can easily infiltrate the IT systems of local businesses and organizations which do not have the defense they need. Issues like data breaches can easily damage customer trust and ruin a company’s reputation, so don’t let your business be their next target.

Ethos Technologies is here to protect and defend Roanoke businesses from cyber-attacks. We champion robust cyber-defense by utilizing our innovative and highly sophisticated cybersecurity techniques that are optimized to defend your business from hacks and data compromises.

The best part about EthosSecure? Our service is entirely customized for your business needs, including SMBs. With flat-rate pricing and cybersecurity training tools, your organization can get the powerful cyber defense it deserves without having to break the bank. Discover more about our cybersecurity services in Roanoke and learn just how valuable our service is.

Office Equipment, Printers & Copiers

We know how important office equipment is for an efficient working space. Printers and copiers are no exception to this rule, especially for large print jobs that need to be done on time. Available with innovative features including follow-me printing, forms processing and security card authentication, our easy-to-use and reliable printers and copiers can help Roanoke offices maintain efficiency and deliver quality print work.