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Our IT services are here to help your organization or business thrive. Discover how you can get reliable IT solutions here!

IT Services, Solutions & Support for Salem

At Ethos Technologies, we are proud to offer innovative, managed IT solutions in Salem and Virginia. We strive to provide robust solutions that will support your business or organization for all their information technology needs.

Based in Salem with a presence across Roanoke County and the State of Virginia, we have
been working alongside businesses of all sizes as they achieve new heights. From essential
office equipment to next-generation IT consulting, our services give your business the space
and time to focus on growing without having to deal with IT problems.

Helping Salem & Virginia

Succeed with Information Technology

Ethos Technologies is here to put the needs of Salem first. From cheering on the Salem Red Sox at the Salem Civic Center to taking strolls around the studious campus of Roanoke College, we understand the city of Salem and its people better than any other IT services provider in Virginia.

All our services are specialized towards your specific requirements and come at a truly affordable price. We continue to help clients with managed IT solutions across Salem in sectors such as:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Finance and Banking
  • Government
  • Non-Profit & Charity
  • Automotive

With all our IT consulting services in Salem, we ensure that each solution is highly customized to your organization and meets your industry-specific demands. Our professional team of IT consultants will inspect, analyze and optimize your IT infrastructure so that it is completely able to meet your needs.

Ethos offers you a wide range of customized IT solutions in Salem, including data management and back-up, network maintenance, staff training and virtual help-desk support. By working with our managed IT solutions and department, you will no longer have to worry about handling IT issues on your own. Our skilled team of friendly, professional technicians will gladly take care of the job especially for you.

Cybersecurity & Defense Solutions

Ethos Technologies is here to help protect businesses and organizations across Salem and Virginia from the growing challenges of cyber threats online. With more working activity taking place digitally, staying safe from hacks or cyber-attacks is now more essential than ever.

Thanks to our new EthosSecure service, we are able to offer our clients in Salem the robust cyber defense they deserve. All our clients will receive a truly customized solution catered to their large or small business offered at an affordable, flat-rate and all-inclusive price. No business should have to go without the protection they deserve, discover more about our cybersecurity services in Salem.

Office Equipment, Printers & Copiers

We know how important office equipment is for an efficient working space. Printers and copiers are no exception to this rule, especially for large print jobs that need to be done on time. Available with innovative features including follow-me printing, forms processing and security card authentication, our easy-to-use and reliable printers and copiers can help Roanoke offices maintain efficiency and deliver quality print work.