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Managed Services Provider to keep your business running smoothly.

Ethos Is the Best Managed Services Provider for Your Business!

We work as an extension of your company to help you streamline, track, and control your technology so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Our constructive approach reduces tech challenges, increases efficiency, and gives you peace of mind knowing a team of experts is always on your side. We're the technology experts who recognize the human side of IT support, which is why we go above and beyond to provide unrivaled service.

DATA Backups

Data backups from Ethos Technologies get systems up and running quickly. We use cutting-edge security protocols and software to keep your network and data as secure as possible.

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Management at the Highest Level

Our team of IT support experts will work with you to map out all of your current data sources and prioritize them around mission-critical properties. We'll develop fully articulated, tried-and-true procedures for backing up your data and minimizing data loss.

Backups That Are Automated

Backups are completely automated and scheduled to occur at predetermined times, ensuring that you still have the most up-to-date information.

Data Protection with a Backup

There's a backup for your backup. We create a variety of storage strategies and configure backups to save in different locations. Whatever happens, you'll still have access to your files.

Solutions for Disaster Recovery

It's terrifying to lose data. Data recovery, on the other hand, can be just as nerve-wracking. You could miss months of work if you revert to a compromised file or an older version. Our IT support specialists are here to guide you through the choppy waters of disaster recovery, reducing the effects of a data loss.

Testing on a Continuous Basis

Leave the upkeep to us. We test data backups on a regular basis to ensure that there is no file leakage and that data integrity is maintained.

Services for Encryption

Encrypted data backups have the same degree of data protection as your regular networks.

Industry Conformity

Our data backup strategy includes keeping your business compliant with government and industry regulations. We'll collaborate with you to build storage environments that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

IT Help Desk

Problems with the internet? Removing a file? Update problems? Even a minor technological problem can stifle business productivity in today’s hyper-connected world. Larger issues, such as server downtime or a distributed denial of service attack, can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue and reputational harm.

You need someone by your side to help you overcome technological problems like these. Ethos Technologies’ IT help desk excels in this field. Every day of the year, our support desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in easily and efficiently resolving your technical issues.

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Fixing issues

A professional help desk technician can walk you through common mistakes, allowing you to resolve issues faster and receive better support. To reach a member of our team right away, send an email or give us a call.

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Support from afar

Our technicians can remotely access devices to rapidly diagnose the cause of the problem and restore functionality. We will share screens and troubleshoot for you with the help of top-tier equipment.

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Managing vendors

Are you fed up with waiting for a vendor to respond? Don’t waste time calling internet providers, telecommunications companies, or other vendors, our support desk technicians will do it for you.

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Timely responses

Our team-based service approach enables us to respond almost immediately to any incident, from login issues to complete disaster recovery efforts.

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Ticketing machines

Ticketed events allow you to monitor the progress of your incident from the initial call to its conclusion.

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Solutions for after-hours

Computer problems don’t go away at night, so why should your IT help desk? Urgent issues shouldn’t have to wait – reach out to our technicians via our 24/7 answering service or email.

IT Consulting

Servers, cloud apps, and networking are examples of IT systems that can help you grow your company and deliver new products and services. However, you won’t be able to achieve those targets if your IT systems aren’t in sync with your business goals.

Using a consultant gives you the know-how you need to create optimal systems and carefully plan future projects. Our experts will help you every step of the way, whether you want to move to the cloud, build a top-tier cybersecurity infrastructure, or incorporate emerging technology into your workflow.

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Forward-Thinking Preparation

We'll assist you in identifying development opportunities and future-proofing your technical infrastructure so that you’re prepared for the next big thing. Then we'll give you the tech specs and updates you'll need to get there.

Scope of the Project

It takes experience to plan a project. As a result, project management, schedule calculation, and project scoping are all included in our IT consulting services. Our experienced team members will collaborate with you to set realistic deadlines and produce the systems and services you need.

Dynamic Timetables

Nothing is a high priority if everything is a high priority. Ethos Technologies’ advisors assist you in identifying urgent tasks and developing long-term technological strategies that align with your company’s priorities and vision.

Technological Advancement

Technology advances quickly, and if you don’t keep up, your company will fall behind. Working with our consultants gives you access to cutting-edge technology, allowing you to promote innovation in your business.

Testing on a Continuous Basis

Leave the upkeep to us. We test data backups on a regular basis to ensure that there is no file leakage and that data integrity is maintained.

Services for Encryption

Encrypted data backups have the same degree of data protection as your regular networks.

Locating a Vendor

You won't just get our skills when you hire our team. Our consultants will link you with data entry specialists, cloud providers, and other suppliers and trusted partners who can assist you in realizing your project objectives.

Network Support

Your network support determines the strength of your systems.

Your network gets by with the help of its friends—namely, your network support team, who work behind the scenes to avoid outages and improve device performance. Things can easily escalate out of control if you don’t have the expertise or resources to operate on this level of assessment and maintenance. Network outages, slow results, and other issues have a direct effect on profitability in a period where so much of business runs online. A well-managed network gives you the assurance that you can have best-in-class customer solutions and opens up new opportunities for the success of your business.

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Upgraded Network

Allow us to take care of your network’s upkeep. To ensure that you always have the best solutions for your needs, Ethos technicians install hardware and software updates and patches, keep tools up-to-date, and evaluate network results.

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System Enhancement

A bad network is one that is slow. When you have an issue, our support team examines your utilization, bandwidth, and other efficiency indicators to see if we can improve your network.

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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Surveillance

Whether it’s suspicious activity or a network outage, our team is alerted as soon as it happens. When something goes wrong, our automatic warning system sends out vital notifications to our technicians, allowing us to respond quickly.

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Performance Evaluations

Transparent reporting ensures that you are always aware of the network’s status. There will be no more nasty surprises!

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Redundant Servers

In the event of widespread system downtime or other network problems, our technicians will set you up with backup servers and network hardware to keep your business running smoothly.

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Answer to a Crisis

You’ll have the full force of our team’s expertise on your side when you sign on with Ethos Technologies. Our teams do not operate in silos; instead, they collaborate to find solutions. When you call our help desk with a network problem, our technicians will connect you with network specialists that can quickly resolve the issue.

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From machine rental to setting up office needs, and to maintenance and repairs, jobs are completed efficiently and with attention to severity.

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