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For many businesses, particularly small businesses, maintaining an in-house IT help desk is simply too expensive. Even with an affordable, self-service software solution in place, users still need to connect with technology experts when larger issues arise – this is where Ethos can step in and help.

Call & Chat Functions:

  • No internet access
  • Cannot send/receive email
  • Desktop Windows applications do not work


Inform Us When:

  • New/removed users
  • New/removed contact information
  • New/removed devices
  • New/removed passwords
  • New/removed physical address(es)
  • New/removed applications


Ethos Informs You When: 

  • We see drives nearing capacity
  • A device or service has gone down and not been restored
  • A device has not logged back in to receive update
  • A field service tech needs to be dispatched to your site
  • Any other situation that you need additional support


Don’t settle for an average IT services provider