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Choosing a Managed Print & Copier Company

October 25th, 2018 by Ethos Technologies

How to choose the perfect managed printing service

How to Choose the Perfect Managed Print Service Provider

For businesses, having a managed print company to service their equipment is simple. It is much more challenging to choose the right vendor/partner, as many companies give far less attention to printer customers than they do customers with copiers/MFP’s.

More businesses prefer to let a professional managed print company provide and service their copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. For businesses, having a managed print company service their equipment is the simple part.

The hard part was choosing the right vendor/partner. If Ethos wasn’t a copier company and was in the market for managed print services, here are some questions and things we would consider, based on our knowledge.

The Importance of Analysis

An experienced MPS (Managed Printing Service) provider will start off with a thorough assessment of your business’s current situation. They should provide you with an in-depth needs analysis and determine what managed print services (e.g. copier type, copier count etc.) are best suited to your business’s needs. They should also interview key stakeholders (department heads), to ensure document resources and technology are in line with the needs of various departments and heavy users.

Check Their Track Record

Feedback from a company’s clientele is a great measuring stick of their competencies and relationships with their clients. Ask for references. Are they well established? Are they full service, complete with technicians, engineers, and support staff?

Scalability Matters

Almost all businesses have a growth plan. Is a potential vendor/partner capable of or equipped to scale-up as your needs change? Ensure the managed print service company you choose is equipped to handle the changes and growth of your business. Consider this, whether you’re looking for all-in-one office copiers or separate equipment for each function, and whether you intend to buy or lease this equipment as your business grows, ensure that your MPS providers can handle your growth.

Monitor Printing

A good MPS does more than merely manage your printing needs. They should provide in-depth team training as required to ensure ease of use on all new equipment and so that you’re comfortable with your new printing system. They should also actively guide your team on how to monitor printing to efficiently control costs and potentially free up capital which you can use to address other critical business needs. They should be willing to do quarterly reviews with you on your account, addressing usage, as well as any changes that may be coming in your organization.

Go Green – Control Energy Consumption

Lastly, new and state of the art equipment are typically energy efficient. An exceptional MPS provider will also help you find other ways to reduce energy consumption. More and more MPS providers are now focusing on energy efficiency and you should absolutely consider this factor when choosing an MPS provider for your business. Lower energy consumption means lower bills and reduced carbon footprints.

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