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Copier vs. Printer: What Are The Differences?

November 14th, 2018 by Ethos Technologies

Copier vs. Printer: All the Differences You Need to Know

Copiers Versus Printers

With advances in technology, products and their features can change rather quickly. The copier & print industry (managed print) is no exception to this. With many overlapping features between both services, the differences become rather blurred and businesses are typically unsure as to which machine would best serve their needs.

If you’re not sure of the difference between copiers and printers, today’s post will clarify the unique differences.

Let’s now have a closer look.

Copier vs. Printer Cost:

This is a rather debatable question as some argue that copiers tend to be more expensive in terms of cost per page, while others blame that on printers. The fact of the matter is, it mostly depends on how you acquire and utilize these machines. Nonetheless, the total cost of ownership of copiers usually tends to be significantly more affordable.

Copier vs. Printer Speed:

Copiers are generally intended for heavy-duty work and are more efficient, reliable and have many more features. Many modern printers offer faster functionality, but overall, copiers are the clear winners when it comes to productivity.

Copier vs. Printer: Which One to Choose?

There is no definite answer to this and it really depends on several factors; primarily your budget and your organizational needs. The best choice is to have a skilled partner like Ethos to do a complimentary Dynamic Cost Analysis.

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