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Cyber Security - Out, Cyber Defense - In

April 15th, 2020 by Ethos Technologies

Security and defense are often words that are used interchangeably. So let’s start by defining each.

  • Security: the state of being free from danger or threat
  • Defense: the action of defending from or resisting attack

The key difference, ACTION.

With businesses across the world adjusting to remote work, cyberspace information systems are being left with networks lacking the proper security to protect data and ward off threats before they turn into attacks. Building a bigger, stronger fence is no longer enough. The only effective way to defend your network data is to go with an unrestrained offensive cyber strategy.

Cyber criminals are aggressively leveraging the COVID-19 with ever advancing techniques. If you believe a response plan is enough, it’s not. Emerging technologies let threat actors mask their activities and large, high-profile data breaches in 2019 on LinkedIn and Facebook exposed over 4 billion individuals. In the financial sector, over 100 million Capitol One and State Farm customers had personal information compromised. If these national and global entities can be targeted successfully, the odds are every small and medium sized business is at an even higher risk.

What’s the solution? Partnering with analysts that hunt down threat and have an offensive strategy to keep you safe. A global threat intelligence and data science team, enterprise grade firewalls, endpoint detection and response, ransomware protection, and data back up protecting business continuity that secures file collaboration.

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