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Cybercriminals Taking Advantage of COVID-19

May 4th, 2020 by Ethos Technologies

With unprecedented numbers of people working from home, cybercriminals are more prolific than ever. Looking for new updates on the virus, consumers are more likely to fall for phishing, scams, and malware threats.

The increase in online ordering and shopping has made almost every individual and business a direct target for credit card fraud as well. One way these criminals are using credit card data breaches is called “reshipping fraud.” Basically, your personal information is used to buy high-dollar goods online, then enlist others to help the collect or resell the merchandise, whether willingly or unwittingly.

This doesn’t always look obvious and isn’t always easy to spot. Most commercials on television, online, and on paid and traditional broadcast radio make reference to the economic hardships as a way to emotionally connect to the audience. Gathering personal data using a “feel good” or philanthropic approach in the form of donations to charities or discounts for loyal customers.

These scams and targeting are especially cruel during uncertain economic times but you can protect yourself and your business in a few commonsense ways:

  • Don’t click on emails or links in emails that are not from known sources
  • Regularly update your passwords and don’t use the same password for all accounts
  • Don’t store credit card and banking information on your computer or phone
  • Research any charity, cause, or clickbait impulse purchases you are considering

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