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Do You Need eCommerce?

August 26th, 2019 by Ethos Technologies

The web has become a part of every day life. We carry cellphones that almost literally have the world at our fingertips. Google and Amazon have become verbs in our vocabulary. Even elementary age children know how to have a home device order from a set list or play their favorite movie.

One Common Word Associated with eCommerce Is GROWTH

In the past decade and a half, an average of 25% CGR has been achieved. As consumers, we know eCommerce growth is not slowing down. Products previous unattainable or difficult to find can be found with a simple search and a few clicks. Globally there are over 2 billion digital buyers. In the space, there is opportunity in addition to room for brands to continually expand their reach. Local businesses aren’t just local with eCommerce. Large retailers are forced to sell online or be left behind. Small and mid-sized retailers can now compete.

Competing with retail giants is possible on a limited budget and is probably much easier than you think.Utilizing the right software doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time either. Ethos only partners with best-in-class eCommerce solutions providers.

We Provide a Fully Customizable System with Five Key Areas

  1. Users & Compliance

    With user roles that are customizable for your staff and users, you control the exact access you want to specific areas. Providing flexibility with online storefronts allows the administrator to support a variety of customer types and their order workflows. Customer integrations are the most effective way to tailor to customs needs. As part of the ordering experience, customer service matters. Customers are able to get help via phone, email, or online with industry leading response times.

  2. Storefront & Ordering

    eCommerce is a part of your business and a part of your online presence; it should look and feel that way. You’ve invested time and resources into branding your business and your storefront will integrate seamlessly whether on desktop or mobile. Even your user experience will be tailored to specific buying groups with a full online catalog providing products in an easy-to-navigate manner. With our innovative eCommerce software shipping rate integration, mail merge, and mass ordering make automation a time saver so you can run your business more efficiently.

  3. Item Types

    Static items can track your inventory as you produce and ship pick-and-pack items and for ease of ordering bundle products into logical groups for ease of ordering. As a customer’s order progresses, their pricing updates automatically and saves their digital assets while maintaining your graphic standards so the same information only needs to be added to the system once. Items in your catalog can be easily changed with the item editor feature as well.

  4. Managing Orders

    In one centralized location your orders will be tracked from entry to delivery. Pricing information and job exports are easy to perform for quick billing and budgets assigned on role, division, and tracking spending. Manual and automated reports are essential to every business, with our email template editor and shipping / workflow integrations information and data can be shared with customers and other applications.

  5. Order Delivery Options

    Customers want their products fast and correct. Automatically send orders to the right production point for that product by using the right software solutions.

We believe that you should be able to work with a partner who cares about your online success. We don’t provide you with a web-to-print solution and then hope that you are successful. We invest in your online success. Ethos has the best on-boarding process in the web to print industry. We’ve continually refined this process over more than 20 years all around the same goal: to get you a live print automation storefront as fast and efficiently as possible.

Once your storefront is up and running, we provide you with multiple training options, including a video training center, searchable documentation (updated monthly) and one-on-one live training sessions. We actively maintain a product roadmap, documenting where we are and where we see the platform evolving as we continue to reinvest in our technology.

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