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Flat Rate Office Copier Pricing - About The Benefits

October 12th, 2018 by Ethos Technologies

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Flat Rate Copier Pricing Is Here!

The ability to adapt, change and be open to innovation is a must for businesses to thrive and survive, and the office equipment, IT Solutions and office copier/printer industry is no exception to this.

Technology and office environments are changing at a dramatic pace and businesses are more committed than ever to streamlining business operations, find efficiencies and cost-effective solutions.

We, at Ethos Technologies, always put the satisfaction of our clients on top of everything else. Keeping our core values in mind and keeping up with the demanding changes of the office copier/printer industry, we’re excited to announce a flat rate pricing program as opposed to the traditional cost-per-page services.

The Benefits of Flat Rate

  • Budgeting – predictable pricing is the same every month
  • Eliminates overage charges
  • Eliminates having to compare invoices to your contract
  • Eliminates checking against previous invoices
  • Eliminates comparing invoices to meter readings on machines
  • Eliminates the chance of meter readings for black/white and color getting switched
  • Eliminates billing errors

Flat rate pricing, also known as “One Rate”, “One Price”, and “iDaaS” (imaging device as a service); is a straightforward pricing system. In case you didn’t guess from the name, with the flat rate you get a device for a fixed monthly fee. Period.

That’s right. It means no more meter readings, no more counting pages, and no more hassle. If you’ve used a typical cost-per-page service before, the advantages may already be clear to you. However, we’re still going to go ahead and write them down for you.

Flat rate pricing is a simple billing system for both the dealer and the end user. Although print analysis and auditing are involved, it is still a much more convenient and hassle-free system than traditional MPS service.

Businesses like yours can now enjoy a more predictable budget for print with no hidden charges and a 100% accurate billing system.

A flat rate pricing ensures a more productive and fruitful relationship between the dealer and the end user. It lets the dealers help businesses control print costs rather than worrying about keeping track of meter readings and overage.

Flat rate is a customer-centric pricing model. It is meant to facilitate you, the end-user. With a flat rate, you can expect a single, consistent payment with no annual escalators and no fear of overage charges.

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