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Interactive Options Essential During Crisis

April 22nd, 2020 by Ethos Technologies

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make connecting across he globe easier than ever. Instant messaging began to replace phone calls; timeline posts and e-vites became commonplace for events and holidays. Businesses jumped on the opportunity to connect with customers online and ecommerce was soon to follow.

Sharing personal information via these media is at no slowdown during this crisis; and that is why IT engineers are working tirelessly to keep their clients safe while still providing options for collaboration with their teams.

Zoom’s Video Conferencing Free 40 Minute Option Is the Lifeblood of Remote Work Right Now.

As with mass usage of any provider, a hack has already occurred. Some of our vendor partners have stepped into to the gap to offer broader spectrum services at minimal cost.

Currently, even the best tech firms have been in a reactive phase. Companies, non-profits, universities, school systems, and organizations of all types are figuring out reactively how to enable everyone virtually from anywhere.

How many of these changes will become permanent? Is business more efficient for client evaluations, job interviews, team meetings? How will videoconferencing solutions integrate with other collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams? These IT developments are on the minds on developers everywhere.

Getting through this crisis and adjusting business models to evolve in an agile manner is something strategic businesses have to do.