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Remote Help Desk vs. Onsite Assistance

April 7th, 2020 by Ethos Technologies

We all are accustomed to calling our office IT department, a competent person showing up to our workstations, taking a seat, and a few minutes later we’re all fixed and back to work. Occasionally an escalation occurs and the process may take a bit longer because nothing is ever an easy fix 100% of the time.

Those Days Are Gone

The business world is now virtual and technology advances have made it easier than every to get quality assistance with just a click or quick call. Remote help desk is the most efficient method of solving almost all IT issues that arise and allows techs and your employees move on with tasks without ever leaving their respective computers.

With reliable internet service, simple task can be completed 87% of the time in under 90 seconds. Network problems can even be addressed remotely.

Ethos Help Desk Level 1 and 2 support

Ethos Help Desk Level 1 and 2 support covers:

  • Loss of internet access
  • Cannot send or receive emails
  • Desktop Windows applications aren’t working
  • New/removed
    • Users
    • Contact Information
    • Devices
    • Passwords
    • Physical address(es)
    • Applications
  • We see drives nearing capacity
  • Loss of service not yet restored
  • Devices aren’t logged in to receive updates
  • Field service tech dispatched to your work site
  • Any situation needing additional support
Your network is monitored and problems resolved, often without you even knowing there was an issue.

Level 3 consist of technical specialists whose capabilities go beyond that of the Help Desk. And Level 4 support is reserved for highly complex issues and is the highest level of specialized support available.

Remote IT support is often perceived as less-than to on-site support. Realistically, virtual IT and Fully Managed IT give clients a broad skill set by having access to multiple people working together to solve issues. Often the best solution is utilizing remote Help Desk and working with a vCIO for a comprehensive network and support system.

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