Aerocut Velocity Complete


The Aerocut Velocity is the refined model of the Aerocut Classic slitter/cutter/creaser and features enhanced productivity and user-friendliness.

Feeding is an important and essential part for any print finishing device. This machine has an innovative patented feeding mechanism,

that drastically reduces the risk of double feeds and mis-feeds. A perforating unit is located inside for an accurate registration. The Velocity is twice as fast

and includes more adjustments than base Aerocut Classic with greater (4″) sheet capacity. The robust all-metal construction keeps top level accuracy

and finishing quality on every job. Includes 263 preset cutting jobs and up to 150 additional custom programs can be stored in memory. The Velocity is an ideal solution for finishing,

especially for short-run digital printed applications, such as business cards, post cards, invitations, greeting cards, leaflets,  tickets and more. Flex mode allows operators to cut multiple size cards

from a page and add the desired number of creases on these; it enables designers and printers  to create new aspects of applications. Self-correcting cut mark registration function and air suction feed system ensure accurate cuts every time.

Velocity uses channel creasing, allowing the machine to offer world-class quality creases on digitally printed stocks. Creasing pressure can be adjusted in 5 levels instantly by

shifting the lever. Magnetic paper guides are easily adjustable for various stock sizes. Handy business card collection tray snaps into place for neat stacking of finished cards.

Velocity also features 2 single blade slitters to trim the top and bottom margins, and 2 double blade slitters for center gutters and precise accuracy.




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