It takes a lot more than antivirus to cover threats.

Ethos’ security solutions reduces surface threats, protects user data, stops attacks and breaches, and keeps employees productive.

We secure every endpoint on your network – from laptops to virtual desktops to servers.

Network Protection

Secure you customer’s networks with antivirus, next-gen firewalls, wifi and web server protection with one powerful and simple appliance.

  • Unified threat management – the ultimate network security package.
  • Next-gen firewall – this is where network threats go to die.
  • Secure VPN – turn any location into a secure location.
  • Secure wifi – super secure, super wifi.
  • Secure web gateway – complete web protection everywhere.
  • Secure email gateway – the ultimate protection for a complex problem.
  • Web application firewall – uncommon protection for common threats.

Server Protection

We’ve optimized out legendary antivirus technology for heavy-duty use for demanding server environments, leave threats out in the cold.

  • Server security- pro server. Anti virus.
  • Network storage antivirus – high-tech security for high-tech storage.
  • PureMessage – good news for email. Bad news for SPAM.

Enduser Protection

We shield users with antivirus protection, data encryption and mobile control. Wherever users are, whatever they’re using – they’re protected.

  • Protection suites – the all-in-one security suite.
  • Endpoint antivirus – essential protection for laptops and desktops.
  • Mobile control – countless mobile devices, one solution.
  • Safeguard encryption – encryption everywhere.

Cloud Protection

Our same trusted protection, now available in the cloud! Instant deployment, instant security, instant satisfaction.

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